A Little Bit About Little e

Just to answer that question that’s in the forefront of your mind: why "little e?" My name is Erin, and I’m tiny in stature, but big on art. Yup. Simple as that!

I am an artist living in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I completed BCIT's Digital Animation program in 2014, and I am also an graduate of University of British Columbia. I started out in sciences, but after noticing there were more doodles on my class notes than there were notes, I realised the path of art was where I am meant to go.

Art is my entire life and I always have creativity up my sleeve. I began as a self-taught artist, teaching myself how to use Photoshop, work with a pen tablet, and learn how to critique my own artwork. I rarely go a day without drawing (pass me a pen and paper, and I'd be content for hours on end), and even on the days I'm not, I'm still indulging art and being inspired. Aside from 2D illustrations and 3D modeling, I have an interest in fiction writing, photography, comics, video games, baking, and movies--with a particular fondness for Disney works and Studio Ghibli.

A personal project of mine that I am greatly proud of is my fan-comic "Savior," which is a crossover story between Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts. It is a multi-chaptered Japanese-style comic, containing 180+ pages, all written, drawn, and toned by me. It took around two years from conception to completion of Volume 1 (containing five chapters) and is still in the works during my spare time.

I strive to improve everyday and am a very fast learner. I am always willing to trying new techniques and experiment with style. As a hardworking and a fantastic team-player, I look forward to meeting new people and working with them on new projects :)

Please feel free to contact me at littleeworks@gmail.com!


Erin aka Little e